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Antony Todd first established himself as one of the most sought after floral and event designers in Manhattan. His creations for everything from intimate dinner parties to destination weddings to major fundraising events stand out for their flair, authenticity and simple elegance. Believing that most events had an air of sameness to them, Todd seeks to “make stories on the table”, combining unusual floral combinations with exotic treasures picked up during his global travels or objects from a client’s own cupboard to create distinctive, uniquely personal designs that are always ahead of their time. Through his belief that entertaining should possess a point of view without ever being fussy or overdone, he has cultivated a loyal following of clients who seek his advice in all areas of stylish living, from flowers to furnishings, entertaining and interior design.

Events & Interiors

52 East 11th Street
New York, NY 10003
Tel. 212.367.7363