Retail Store in New York City

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As his roster of highly discriminating clients from the fashion, social and film worlds would attest, Antony Todd flowers do not merely decorate; they transform. With an artless synergy of color, texture, and fragrance, Antony’s fresh and beguilingly simple arrangements will exquisitely bejewel an intimate dinner or dramatically ornament a grand fête for hundreds. Taking as much care with the containers as with the blooms themselves, Antony constantly combs international marketplaces for interesting vessels to convey the clean, sophisticated look appropriate for each arrangement and for its setting as well, be it contemporary or traditional. At once inspired and inspiring, flowers are one of Antony’s first creative loves—and one he never tires of sharing.

Events & Interiors
52 East 11th Street
New York, NY 10003
Tel. 212.367.7363